Weekly Schedule


Lift is our Junior High and Highschool Service, which aims to exalt Christ and encourage students. Every Sunday night at 5pm students will encounter a message that challenges them, a game time that lets them unwind, and a small group time where they can talk and encourage one another.
Our Spring Semester starts on January 20th and goes through May 26th. We currently meet in the church’s fellowship hall, which is down the first hallway to your right when you walk through the front doors. 

Multiply Groups


Throughout the week highschoolers are challenged to find a discipleship partner in order to live out the Christian life with accountability. Each week they will meet on their time to talk about opportunities to share the gospel, pray for each other, and go through the Multiply Movement Material together. After 9 weeks the groups multiply! The students are challenged to become the teachers and start at Week 1 again with someone else. This is discipleship at its very core! Email caleb@hvbc.net for more info.

Sunday Morning Lifegroup

Lifegroup is all about being honest and open as we Make Jesus Known to our friends. Here, young women and men are challenged to become serious about their walk with Christ, to share Christ with their friends on a regular basis, and are encouraged to be genuine during group time. Each week they are equipped with tools to be able to Make Jesus Known.
Junior High and Highschool both meet Sunday mornings at 9am in Room 6, which is straight down the hallway when you walk in the front doors.